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that is called Holy Cow!

why us


Holy Cow was born on the 18th of November 2013. On that very day, a philosophy was born with her: To stand out and make a difference! Just like those black wonky shapes a cow has imprinted on her body and makes her look different than a bull.

We are an advertising agency that focuses on our clients needs, ready to create and make an impact. We believe in difference because that is how we make a difference. Our goal is to surprise people in order for them to sit up straight and listen while we give them what they need, not what they want! That’s how we succeed in building brands or helping ready made brands grow. We make you look good!

what we do
We build campaigns that include an audio or a visual form in order to promote a product or service. By creating a commercial ad combined with a well built branding, we strive to make you stand out to your customers.
We create a strategy that involves creating a name and an image or a logo or a tag line in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind to attract and keep customers.  
Corporate Identity
The Identity of a company is very important! We step in and help you give a great first impression of your company to your customers by combining colour, design, words, etc. That’s how your firm makes a visual statement!
Creative Design
The blank piece of paper may be one of the most daunting foes on earth. But our talented team is able to fill them with new and exciting ideas that help us attain our ultimate goal —selling.
Social Media Management
Deep Social in action! Hitting your numbers is a big thing but we have the ability to manage all your social networks and schedule messages for future publishing. We give you a wide scope of your social media with the help of design and copywriting!
Professional copywriting from press releases to articles, from all kinds of scripts to a simple tagline. We write away your thoughts!
Web / Mobile / App Design
We design, develop and maintain websites. From front to back end, we are able to make you stand out digitally. UX / UI Design Experiences based on clients needs. You are just a click away from being the absolute online “WOW-NESS”!
Strategic Planning & Research
Your product / services are amazing. But how do you get someone to try it? The right strategic planning & research will get your product / services into the consumers' hands and create new repeat customers!
Event Planning
Strategic event planning and budgeting! For companies, large and small, we create truly memorable events based on your goals. We'll be there for you from start to finish, and beyond!
Public Relations
We will give you smart advice that will benefit your company's image and bottom line. We do this through a deep understanding of how people form opinions and the social forces that “nudge” their behavior.
Digital Marketing
Our past experience, combined with our hunger for what's next will keep your digital marketing on the forefront, through online advertising, mobile solutions, innovative ideas and more.
Clients most of the times don't realise they don't really need BtC but BtB approaches. We understand the importance of, and the complexities of, marketing to both end users and through distribution channels and partners and we thrive through our strategies.
We are the official representatives of CANNES LIONS International Festival of Creativity in Cyprus

our work

  It’s all about great ideas and good taste in design. Take a sneak peek below at our work so far…and there is more were that came from! We take care of your image. We make you look good!

GK Transportation
Ghibli Shipping
Prestige VIP Services
Recital Event Planning
Raw Sassy Events International
Tototheo Magazine
Tototheo Maritime
We see ourselves as a highly motivated team which consists of talented individuals with the desire to be challenged creatively. We are a team that works together as one and has one goal: to be bold & different by surprising our customers with our ideas and strategy views.
We all know that teamwork is the key to success in most realms of life and business. Only through teamwork can we combine different, complementary points of view to identify and seize hidden synergy opportunities, overcome difficult obstacles and achieve challenging objectives. However, requires that people manage their egos, develop humility,
communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and, above all, commit to one another and to a common goal. That’s what we have managed to do! To be a united team and work on each project us one!

Overall a good team that doesn’t have the number to stand on its own on different levels of online & offline advertisement needs excellent partners! We love our partners and we believe that without them we couldn’t keep our goals high!

Holy Cow Advertising has a strong cooperation with companies in Cyprus and abroad! If you are good with deadlines, and you’d like to be a partner of Holy Cow or to cooperate with our team then feel free to contact us!
Managing Director
Creative Director
The Cow
Trouble Maker
Branch & Operations Manager at Floralink Suppliers Ltd

Not just our creative girls but part of our own company’s team. They are exactly what we need!


You guys rocked all tasks requested. Thank you!

Thank you for your trust! As we strive to excel in our industry, we are honoured to have clients like you.

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